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Federation of JPK Accredited Centers, Malaysia or FeMAC is registered under Registrar of society (ROS) Act on 28 July 2004. For now, more than 100 JPK Accredited Centers from all over the country are registered with FeMAC as active members.

We are a body made up of members who are accredited training providers in all areas of development.

Our Mission

FeMAC exists as a body to be the face and voice of all accredited training providers in Malaysia. As such it is our mission to further the cause, enhance the abilities and increase our membership. We strive to be effective in our efforts to work with all parties public and private to help realise the 2020 vision – a developed Malaysia.

Our Objective

FeMAC exists as a body that enables a cohesive voice to be heard where matters concerning training and development are concerned. As a unit we are able to speak from a stronger position. We see ourselves as championing the cause of our members so that all stakeholders will benefit in a fair and just way. As such we undertake:

  • To be the voice and face for all accredited training centres
  • To be a guide to all training centres
  • To act as an intermediary for any dispute
  • To uplift the standards of training in the country
  • To liaise with all relevant departments, statutory bodies on behalf of our members
  • To develop national and international links with regard to training and development
  • To be at the forefront of research in our field
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