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FeMAC provides the following services on behalf of members:

  • Represent ALL members on all relevant events
  • Develop and disseminate collective policies for the benefit of members
  • Be the voice for ALL members whenever there arises an opportunity to.
  • Help in developing initiatives for the betterment of all members
  • Be the link for ALL members to all statutory/public/private bodies when needed.

Unity is Strength! Thus goes the old saying. If you are a training provider, irrespective of type or field of training, you will require a collective voice to speak on your behalf. FeMAC can do that for you.

Who can become a member?
Open to all private and public training institutions registered with the Department of Skills Development (JPK) under the Ministry of Human Resource.

How to become a member?

  1. Application for membership shall be proposed by a member and supported by other members.
  2. Membership forms should be submitted to the Secretary. The Secretary shall then submit the application as soon as possible to the Committee for approval.
  3. The Committee may in its discretion reject any application without giving reasons.
  4. Each application must be accompanied by an Entrance Fee and Annual Fee of RM 900.00.


Membership Fee
Entrance Fee, Annual Fee and Other Payments

  1. Entrance fee and annual fee is to be paid as follows:
    • Admission fee: MYR 100 (Malaysia Ringgit: One hundred only)
    • Annual fee: MYR 800 (Malaysia Ringgit: Eight Hundred only) – New Members
  2. Payment of fees via cheque should be made to ‘PERSEKUTUAN PUSAT BERTAULIAH JPK Malaysia’.
  3. Account number : 8602 2635 98 CIMB Bank
  4. The annual fee must be paid to the Treasurer no later than January 31 of each year.
  5. Members who do not pay the annual fee by March 31 will receive a warning letter addressed by the secretary and he or she will lose privileges as a member until the fee has been paid.
  6. Members who do not pay the fee within three months after March 31 will have their membership automatically forfeited.
  7. The Committee has the power to set the re-entry fee of the forfeited or revoked membership.
  8. Fees or special collections from members for specific items can only be collected with the consent of the General Meeting. If any members default in their payment within the given period, the payment will be considered the same as the annual fee debt.




Perlembagaan Persekutuan Pusat Bertauliah JPK Malaysia yang telah diluluskan pada 17 Februari 2017.

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